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Dew Line Contract

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So Hazy, Speedgeeza said he heard from the "horses mouth", that you don't get flight pay. Are his "facts" correct?



Thanks Hazy.


Speedgeeeza, you must have been in another stable...

lol Just to quantify that a little more. I was working on the same fire as this fellow, a HTS IFR pilot working fires etc for the summer. The information was volunteered, not sought. It had been a slow few days with periods of sitting around. I commented that I was just about flying my minimums.

He replied that it made no difference to him whatsoever if he flew or not, as there were no mins or additional flight pay, and that he was quite content to read his book or watch a movie on his laptop. Now if his intention was to mislead me then he was successful. But I really don't think that it was. We were just shooting the #### for a few minutes as you do when you have a bit of time on your hands...


Hazy, you're a HTS IFR guy on the Dew Line also?

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Either way your information is flawed, as Hazy has pointed out. You might want to think about that before you start posting.


Was that this summer? You said the FO's salary is low, do you know what it was? There are all sorts of pay systems in this business, some are full time salary, some are day rates, some are straight hourly etc. etc.. As pointed out there are no standards, so choose whether you are happy with the deal you made. If not, find a better deal.


Are the FO's at ORNGE, STARS, or Cougar higher?

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And just to clarify, the DEW line was disbanded in 1993, some of us work on the North Warning System or NWS.


If you want info on he contract/bid google "North Warning System Rotary Wing Airlift Contract". May find it interesting reading.


It has all the info on what the contract entails, and the companies/managers that went to the actual information meeting in Toronto last summer. The companies include (but I am sure not limited to):

-Ocean Software

-Erickson Aircrane


-Skylink Aviation

-Strategic Aviation





I won't post who went. but the info is there if you are curious.


AS far as the pay goes, it isn't bad, I am sure it could be better, but I am happy where I am. I am flying somewhat sophisticated machinery that is well maintained, no penny pinched on that part of the operation, and as was said, the whiners, if they don't like it, why don't they move on??


Back to the contract, the fixed wing portion was awarded on friday to Kenn Borek, who used to have 3 out of 5 zones, they now have everything.


It has been said previous that the contract will be split again, this is not the case, the bid is for 9 helicopters to cover year round operations and maintenance, 5 machines, summer supplemental work, 2 machines and fuel haul 2 machines.




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In addition to "What we hear from the horse's mouth..."


I heard from someone who works for one of the bidders, that to save money they will be doing a 4 and 2 rotation, which means less time home, and fewer crew required. How is that for awesome? obviously not from the company I work for...

I think that there is some truth to the statement that the reason the grass appears greener on the other side of the fence, is because of all the Bull$hit...




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That's kind of funny coming from a former TFW who now has a full time position. Oh the irony.

Who is now a Canadian citizen living permanently in Canada.


Who was complaining about the wages besides Speedgeeza and you? Its already been proven that Speedgeeza doesn't have the faintest idea what the wages are anyways.


Now back to the question. Who got the contract????

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Yup took the temporary right out of the equation. Kind of my point.

Which is? Anyways Shakey, lets start another thread on TFW's, thats never been done before....... And another one about starting an association to unify all the aircrews for better wages and working conditions, thats never been done either....


who got the contract?

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