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Dew Line Contract

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You can bash me all you want for being a former TFW, but I did not take my hard gained experience and leave the country, I stayed.


AS far as wages go, last year on this contract I worked as an FO and pulled in $110.000,00 + so I don't think that is too bad. Most guys who whine and complain, may not work as much, or lack skills that leave them undesirable perhaps in certain situations, and thus can't do some of the work. AS a matter of fact I don't long-line very well, however I do a few other things quite successfully, thus the company can put me to work doing those things.


Like I said, I make decent money, and don't feel mistreated by the company at the moment, don't mean I haven't felt unfairly treated before, but it has worked out.


I won't put up our payscale here, as I'd get in trouble, but it is not as bad as some think.

AS far as money go, I doubt HTS pays the best, but they certainly don't pay the worst either.


With regards to the contract, no award was done today either, but USAF has reserved the right to not award the contract if funding is not given, which may mean Status que.




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And just to clarify, the DEW line was disbanded in 1993, some of us work on the North Warning System or NWS.


If you want info on he contract/bid google "North Warning System Rotary Wing Airlift Contract". May find it interesting reading.


It has all the info on what the contract entails, and the companies/managers that went to the actual information meeting in Toronto last summer. The companies include (but I am sure not limited to):

-Ocean Software

-Erickson Aircrane


-Skylink Aviation

-Strategic Aviation





I won't post who went. but the info is there if you are curious.


AS far as the pay goes, it isn't bad, I am sure it could be better, but I am happy where I am. I am flying somewhat sophisticated machinery that is well maintained, no penny pinched on that part of the operation, and as was said, the whiners, if they don't like it, why don't they move on??


Back to the contract, the fixed wing portion was awarded on friday to Kenn Borek, who used to have 3 out of 5 zones, they now have everything.


It has been said previous that the contract will be split again, this is not the case, the bid is for 9 helicopters to cover year round operations and maintenance, 5 machines, summer supplemental work, 2 machines and fuel haul 2 machines.




Thx H, some very interesting reading


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I rarely comment on these forums but i have to make a point here. When i came here as a TFW 9 years ago, i brought with me a certain skill level that was required here in Canada. I had to convert my very foreign licence and adapt to the hugely different temperatures, terrain and people here. I did so successfully and became a citizen. I love this country but if my country had continued to work properly, i would have liked to visit but would have stayed at home. Others come and go. There are Canadians living and working in other countries, they could be said to be taking other people's jobs but the reality is they are bringing a skill and contributing to that foreign economy. The problem is not the TFW's or the companies, the problem is a system that churns out 100 hr pilots with no stepping stones or hardly any way to acquire the hours to go up the ladder!


Companies will always take advantage of this. It is up to us to become proficient and skilled enough to be able to force them to pay a better wage or move on. A union would certainly force this issue but it would have to be a national one rather than company by company.


As for wages, i have always done fine with HTS and like the fact that they pay on time, keep their machines in good shape and have work. I have worked for a few other companies and there is always something not to your taste but as someone who wants year round work with variety, this works very well for me. Obviously i want HTS to win the contract.


An oft quoted saying,"United we stand, divided we fall" applies here. We should stick together for better conditions for sure. However, another saying also applies," Aluta Continua", the struggle continues! Good luck to us all and stay safe out there ?

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Still no news as of 5pm Eastern today, we continue the wait.

As an historical aside, last time the contract was awarded on the 22nd of September, a mere 8 days before the start of the new contract. It was supposed to be announced on the 17th of July this time, with time to set up prior to the start of the contract, with the start date being October 1st.

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