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This artical says they are interviewing witnesses including the pilot, which is shocking because looking at the pictures of the wreckage I was sure the pilot would have been one of the fatalities.




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CADORS: Report

Record # 1 CADORS Number: 2015Q1696 Occurrence Category(ies):
• Loss of control - inflight
• Unknown or undetermined

Occurrence Information Occurrence Type: Accident Occurrence Date: 2015-09-02
Occurrence Time: 1400 Z Day Or Night: day-time
Fatalities: 2 Injuries: 3
Canadian Aerodrome ID: Aerodrome Name:
Occurrence Location: 30 NM NE SEPT-ÎLES QC (CYZV)
Province: Quebec TC Region: Quebec Region
Country: Canada World Area: North America
Reported By:
• Search and Rescue
• Transportation Safety Board of Canada
AOR Number: 192174-V1
TSB Class Of Investigation: Class 5 TSB Occurrence No: A15Q0126

Occurrence Event Information

Aircraft Information Registration Mark: GYBK Foreign Registration:

Flight #: Flight Rule: VFR

Aircraft Category: Helicopter Country of Registration: Canada
Make: BELL Model: 206B
Year Built: 1976 Amateur Built: No
Engine Make: ALLISON Engine Model: 250-C20
Engine Type: Turbo shaft Gear Type: Land
Phase of Flight: Landing Damage: Substantial
Owner: Société de Gestion Pragy Inc
Operator: HÉLI-NORD (15355)
Operator Type: Private CARs Subpart: 703

Aircraft Event Information •Loss of control - inflight
•Collision with terrain

Occurrence Summary Date Entered: 2015-09-08
Airport management reported that a Société de Gestion Pragy Bell 206B (C-GYBK), from Sept Îles (CYZV), QC, crashed northeast of the airport. Rescue was organized by the emergency coordination centre. The area control centre (ACC) site manager and Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Halifax were notified. No emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal was heard. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB), aviation operations centre (AOC), national operations centre (NOC), general manager, flight information region (GMFIR), and manager, area control centre operations (MACCO) were notified.

O.P.I.: General Aviation Further Action Required: Yes

Occurrence Summary Date Entered: 2015-09-03
UPDATE: JRCC SARSUM Report#[s2015-00552]: (503159N 0660384W - 30 nm NE Sept-Iles). Rimouski 911 reported that emergency services were responding to a helicopter crash 30 NM NE of Sept-Îles airport, QC. A Bell 206B helicopter, C-GYBK, had crashed with 5 people on board. A 413 Squadron Hercules aircraft (R344) and a 413 Squadron Cormorant helicopter (R913) were tasked to assist. Sûreté du Québec (SQ) reported that there were two deceased and that three injured people were being airlifted by local helicopters to the hospital. R913 and R344 were stood down and return to base Greenwood.

O.P.I.: General Aviation Further Action Required: Yes

Occurrence Summary Date Entered: 2015-09-08
UPDATE: TSB#A15Q0126: The Bell 206B registered C-GYBK operated by 6442927 Canada Inc. (Héli-Nord) was on a VFR flight from Sept-îles, Québec (CYZV) with 1 pilot and 4 passengers on board. While attempting to land along the Moisie River, about 19 nm north-northeast of CYZV, the pilot lost control of the helicopter and crashed. Two passengers were fatally injured and 2 had serious injuries. The pilot sustained minor injuries. Three TSB investigators were deployed to the site.

O.P.I.: General Aviation Further Action Required: Yes

Please note that for the most part, CADORS reports contain preliminary, unconfirmed data which can be subject to change.

link: http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/2/cadors-screaq/rd.aspx?cno%3d%26dtef%3d%26dtet%3d2015-09-09%26otp%3d-1%26ftop%3d%253e%253d%26ftno%3d0%26ijop%3d%253e%253d%26ijno%3d0%26olc%3d%26prv%3d-1%26rgn%3d2%26tsbno%3d%26tsbi%3d-1%26arno%3d%26ocatno%3d%26ocatop%3d1%26oevtno%3d%26oevtop%3d1%26evtacoc%3d3%26fltno%3d%26fltr%3d-1%26cars%3d-1%26acat%3d-1%26nar%3dHelicopter%26aiddl%3d-1%26aidxt%3d%26optdl%3d-1%26optcomt%3d%26optseq%3d%26optxt%3d%26opdlxt%3dResults%2bwill%2bappear%2bin%2bthis%2blist%26mkdl%3d-1%26mkxt%3d%26mdldl%3d-1%26mdlxt%3d%26cmkdl%3dC%26cmkxt%3d%26rt%3dQR%26hypl%3dy%26cnum%3d2015Q1696

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Canadian Civil Aircraft Register: Aircraft Details

Aircraft Information

Mark: C-GYBK
Common Name: Bell Model Name: 206B
Serial No.: 1884
Basis for Eligibility for Registration: CAR Standard 507.02, 507.03 - Type Certificate - H92
Category: Helicopter Engine: 1, Turbo Shaft
Max Take-Off Weight: 1451.5 kg

24 Bit Address: Bin=110000001000010000101101, Octal=60102055, Hex=C0842D
Regional Office: Dorval Year Imported: 2009
Base of Operations: Sept-Iles (YZV) , Quebec, CANADA

Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter Company
Country of Manufacture: U.S.A. Year of Manufacture: 1976

Registration Information

Type of Registration: Private
Owner Registered Since: 2009-06-17
Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: 2009-06-17

Certificate of Registration: Cancelled 2015-09-02

Last Registered Owner Information

Name: Société de Gestion Pragy Inc

Address: 211 Labrie
City: Sept-îles Postal Code: G4R 3Y1
Province/Territory/State: Quebec Country: CANADA
Region: Quebec


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