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How Will The Election Of The Liberal Government Affect The Fdt Debate?

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I highly suspect they will do absolutely zero for the Helicopter industry unless you are talking a factory building them. The Liberals have been noted for looking after the east. Mainly Ontario and Quebec as in Factories etc. Not natural resources.


Off topic on a helicopter sight i can tell you i am less then impressed they want to open the gates at the borders to Syrian refugees. 25,000 before the end of the year. As posted on another site it takes a Canadian citizen 90 days to get their airport pass and some how in under 90 days we are going to import 25,000 refugees. If they allow this it won't be long before we have a Paris terror attack on our hands.


End of off topic rant.

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Whatever the odds of improving the CARS regarding FDT under the conservatives, I do believe they are much improved under the Liberals. My sense was that pre-election we would see a reduction in the length of the duty tour to 30 or even 21 days and a reduction of the duty day to 12 hours. The Minister of Transportation acted quickly to ban jet traffic from Billy Bishop airport out of consideration for those who live near it, an indication that his concern for the average man is real.


It should also be noted that in 2006, just before Commandant Harper assumed his throne, the Liberals completed the Federal Labour Standards Review entitled Fairness at Work. This recommends numerous changes of Part III of the Canada Labour Code in a manner which appears to benefit helicopter pilots. It is likely that the Liberals will revisit this review and may revise the CLC.

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Any input on how everyone thinks our new government is doing now.


Well, if you ran down to the local junior high and asked to see the kids in the special needs class, then asked those kids if they new anybody dumber than they were, went and found those kids, and replaced our current government with them.....you'd have a vast improvement.

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Glad to see Justin is on the job http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/trudeau-i-want-to-legalize-weed-but-they-wont-let-me/ar-CCvT8H?li=AAggFp5The Canadian dollar going into the toilet. Alberta going dead with the price of Oil and Gas dropping. Economists saying that no way will the 300,000 factory jobs lost over the years in Ontario and Quebec come back to Canada You go boy you can do it

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