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My buddy just got laid off from a big canadian company along with dozens of others so it looks like the turnaround hasn't arrived yet. Between them and a couple other companys I have friends at it look like about a hundred pilots and engineers won't be working this christmas. I think its finally time to do that ifr rating and go somewhere else.


Does anyone know if there is governmet aid or what not for ifr training? Student loan maybe?



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Guest JetboxJockey

No grants or student loans. Did my IFR last spring and with oil prices the way they are. The demand for IFR co-jo's is pretty much nil.


My walking papers are on the way next month. Would gladly go fly in the sandbox if the opportunity presented itself and it's not from a lack of trying.

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Cheer up lads, this will be my third round of recessions in the industry and one must persevere. There is a worldwide slowdown but that doesn't mean that there aren't any jobs, you just have to compete for them. 2 years tops to go before we see a rebound. If this is your first recession, I hope you have learned to save for a rainy day so the next one will be softer.

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