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hi there ,

wondering if anyone has successfully achieved a minor mod  to run their ipads on the windshield post GPS mount with a ram ball ( no suction cups) legally on mediums ? or any other way to be legal without using suction cups or going stc route ? 

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You should be able to attach a 1" RAM ball mount to the dash as a minor mod without an STC. All kinds of RAM IPad mounts to available to you then.

Make sure that if you have any item on a temporary mount above the dash on the bell mediums , what could happen if it fell off and landed on any of the switches on the centre console. Wouldn't want to

Attached might be of interest given the nature of this subject chain, then again - maybe not!  Recently issued Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) regarding the codifying of existing exemptions related

Ram have a glare mount: https://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-B-177U

Although I've successfully mounted a RAM mount on glare shield using their Claw, which is more reliable in my opinion: https://www.rammount.com/part/RAP-B-400U

I do however much prefer MyGoFliht products, more expensive but a much more solid solution: https://mgfproducts.com/collections/panel-mounts/products/sport-mount-flex-glare-shield?variant=17459838156915

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14 hours ago, highbladedown said:

Fan, there has to be some documented control especially if they ipads are supplied by the organization.  Just went through all this with TC...but stove bolts screwing them to a glare shield and referencing AC 43.13 is ur style...go for it.

I suspect this is one of those issues where the approach from TC is far from standardized. Depending on what exactly you want to use the IPad for, how you mount it and most importantly, which inspector you ask, the expectation likely varies from “nothing required in the COM” to a very complex system (documented and approved in the COM).

if you just went through all of this with TC, care to share your inspectors expectation? 

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iPad would be simply used for navigation aids like any GPS ....like almost all operators use them . GPS where never included in the COM....it would be great for you to share your input about the TC expectations as im simply trying to not be the stove bolts screwing them to a glare shield type of guy.

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Fan;  Lets talk GPS's - you know the ones that were velcro'd and stuck to glare shields using velco, PK screws and other unapproved means of attachment - been there, I recall a GPS mounted on the top of a glareshield in a 206 with velro that fell between the pilots feet during final, fabulous! 

Lets make this very clear, if one is utilizing and iPad as EFB the operational philosophy for using the iPad is that it effectively replaces paper charts, maps and manuals using a small, easy-to-use device capable of storing huge amounts of data and data is viewable in all phases of flight and in all lighting conditions - am I at least correct in assuming that much? 

The Various company documents or manuals may be contained on the iPad such as:
• Various Flight Manuals
• SOP Manual
• Minimum Equipment List
• Company Operations Manual
• SMS Manual
• Aeronautical Information Manual
• Electronic Approach Charts (panning, zooming, scrolling and rotation)
• Low Altitude Charts (panning, zooming, scrolling and rotation)
• Canada Flight Supplement

So are you saying there that procedures to ensure control of the aforementioned documents are not required if one is utilizing an iPAD as an EFB?  What about any other iPad company documents? iPad security?  Procedures that flight crews must remain vigilant and shall not allow distractions from PED’s especially during sterile cockpit phases of flight.  Procedures for Power management, Ipad updating to ensure that when charts and other documents are expired and other iPad library documents have expired.  Individuals authorized to install software updates.  Procedures that are followed during iPAD abnormal operations such as, Unable to start up normally or unit frozen with no response, unable to access required information, unable to update critical documents.  What about iPad Operations procedures during Flight, Pre Flight, Departure, Cruise, Arrival, Post Flight, Abnormal and Emergency, Using the iPad for Electronic Checklists, Reporting EFB Malfunctions etc.

Or not...

Infinity Blade II or Pac-Mac 256 are a little less complicated...

Have a nice day - been a slice!


47, 204, 205, 206, 212, 412, MD500, SA341 Gazelle and Boeing 757...

Aviation Quality Inspector - Lead Auditor ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110, OH&S 18001:2007, IATA Auditor, IATA Lead & IATA QMS/SMS

AME M1/M2/FAA A&P/Component Overhaul and Structures Endorsed.

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