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What's Happening At Summit?


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I wonder how hard MOT and BC government are watching. These are major positions in an IFR air ambulance operation. I can't see them being filled by qualified people easily.

Did the kamloops air ambulance ever fly ifr with patients anyway? I thought they had restrictions and that they didn't fly nights or ifr unless it was positioning without patients.

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This just in.....from a buddy who applied there.


"Coming into the flying season with time running out fast, it would be a miracle if Summit makes it to the gate even if they managed to fill the senior positions 3 months ago."


I guess someone will realize soon that you can't run a helicopter company like a construction company and hire everyone at the last minute to frame the building.


It appears that Summit is facing some serious systemic issues ! The guy calling the shots has no clue what he is doing- Rumour has it!



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