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Viking 500 Image

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Hey Biggles,


How she be? What are you doing now?


Mrs. Vertical says hello. Are you going to HAC?


I appreciate the images and further info sent via PMs, thanks guys. The images are for the story that Ken Swartz wrote on John Schultz. I had the pleasure of meeting JS about a month ago for some pictures around the 76 in Toronto - quite the guy. We have some rather interesting pictures including JS landing on the wing of a Canso in a Bell 47 equipped with floats, he said he had nowhere else to land! :huh:


The next issue also has some other great stories, including a follow-up to Heli-Expo, flight-test of the AB139 and a feature on CFIT.

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Vertical Mag ------if you are going to keep doing "follow-up" stories on JS, then you're going to be one busy boy for about a year anyway. There's lots of "happenings" that didn't have a picture to go with them either...........and that was a good thing too. :lol::lol:

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I'm pretty sure that is not a liftair paint job...there's were lime green, white,orange, , and black...looking at the picture I took of C-FBHM it was orange on the nose,followed by a white stripe,limegreen stripe,white stripe,orange stripe,limegreen tailboom with black t/r cover....not one of the prettiest paint jobs to be sure....as the reg was BH was an old bow a/c. :lol::lol::lol:

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Thank you kindly for the images that you sent of the 500, as well as John flying over Ontario place. Some great images that we will use in the story. :up:


John was here in the office yesterday, gave me an interesting shot of him flying a 500E at the CNE. Below is a barge that he set on fire with a flare gun, then OMNR would fly in to put out the fire. He did this every year for 36 years. Almost shot his p**k off one year when the flare gun was sitting on his lap! :shock:


Does anyone know of any other pilot that has flown for 50 years? Our research tells us no, but we want to be certain.

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