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dgp, you thinking of quasar?



I went for a ride in the Quasar 214ST once. It was based in Tuktoyaktuk, round about 1982/83. On contract with Beaudrill. We did some sort of a IFR radar approach to Beaudrill conical drilling rig. The pilot was a guy with a nick name Flying Hawian, I think his first name was Tim.

Does anyone know where he went?


I recall him telling me that the 214ST was restricted in vertical ascent because the top windows would blow in, he said the **** thing could go up faster than a F18.


I have some pics of the 214ST somewhere. I also have some pics of a Quasar long ranger from up there. It was slung into YEV after hitting the ice up near Mckinley Bay.

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Yooh there rumrunner..yah I thought of the name shortly after...my buddy Marty S worked for those guys the year they had all the accidents...right before they shut them down...Jock was working contract for custom when I meet him in gilliam...now there is a place that you never want to see again...only thing is there is lots of places worse... :shock:

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Met a guy in 89...first name of Max...last name unknown...he was 70 at that time ...never seen a guy move so fast...anybody else ever met him...I THINK the guys last name was Sanderson...very nice guy...if he's still at it...he's probably got more than 50 yrs in...


Max (it is Sanderson) has been around for a long time. Pilot engineer type. I met him in the mid 60's flying a beaver for Canex, (Canadian Exploration I think) then a Hughes 269 or 300, then a 206, and then an Astar all for Canex.


Quite a guy to be around. :lol:


Haven't seen or heard anything about him in a while. :down:

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rumrunner ------the "Flyin' Hawaiian" was Tim Tagurdin. Some years later he was slinging an A/C to the top of a large building in Pittsburgh, I believe it was, with an S-58T when one "stove" quit. He was going down quick onto the top of the building, but there was a large group of men there waiting for the A/C. I saw the film and he abruptly and sharply veered-off over the side of the building and you could literally see the decrease in M/R speed. He went down the side of the building of about 15 stories, nose-first and about three degrees steeper than a ball-bearing and dropped the A/C doing so............but that was the end of Timmy. Good guy, excellent pilot and a personal friend.

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Cap..I am sorry to hear about this..I remember footage of that accident being shown on TV.

I am sorry that you lost a good friend.


I am going to toss out one more name..I might get the spelling wrong..

Bill Jarenkie, he was flying a S61 for Dome in Tuk in '82.


Does anyone know where he went. I think I bumped into him

once at Johnnie Mountain, above Bronson Creek. I think he was on a Northern Mountain machine.



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Bill Jarenkie, he was flying a S61 for Dome in Tuk in '82.
I believe that would be Bill Jenike (Spl)


If so, he is Kelowna, retired, last I saw him he was building floats for homebuilt / expermential aircraft and doing well. :)


Skids Up, was that they guy ( I think it was your story?) that was inbound to YVR's south side with a single Otter, and called "I'm coming in on one engine"




My story, wrong guy. It was a fellow from the Burns Lake area, also retired from a long, and successful stiffwing life of flying... :up: :up:

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(Re: Quasar)...my buddy worked for those guys the year they had all the accidents...right before they shut them down...


Been sitting on DGP's comments for three whole days now (a loooong time for me). :) Would anyone care to elaborate on those comments? DGP? Just curious...TQN

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