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Gentle Push = Greased Lightening

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

I came out of Tumbler Ridge enroute for Grande Prairie this past fall 7000',100kts indicated and had 175 kt gs.Was unbelievable,smooth as a glass.To bad a guy couldn't get around that fast all the time :up:

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Once while flying gas operators around N.Alberta a wind storm blew up that flipped a Cessna 185. We were at the Wolverine camp and decided to get the R22 back to Bison under shelter. As I popped up in the hover the ASI read 60 knots - we did 138 gs heading home!!

Out here in the Caribbean - 190 in the Dauphin.

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i KNow this is helicopter ops but When I was in cadets we put up two gliders about 8min apart, I landed with my pilot first then a storm built up REAL FAST, glider released and reported at 3000asl radioed in about 20min later at 8500!asl, keeping in mind that it is powered by gravity, the pilot was calm and collected but it was the poor cadets first time not only in a glider but off the earth! :P the wind quickly picked up and he had the glider prettymuch hovering in a crosswind, sitting of the runway for about 3 min until he finnaly got the guts to try and land. my flight on the other hand was only a bit bumpy and lasted slightly longer than average, his was 50min (the norm for a 3000' release is about 15min)


The first time I ever saw a glider let alone a fixed wing hover :blink: , Cole

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speaking of greased lightening and credit cards, when my brother was touring through india and was on a night train from x to y, had his wallet stolen :down:


by the time they got to destination the next morning, and informed the approprate people, he was told the card had already been used ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY !!! :shock: :shock:


sometimes one thinks it would be nice to hire those people to help out with job logistics :up:

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In the Shushwap Language, "Kinbasket" actually means...big windy lake where kokanee  salmon are plentiful and deer run free and big white men with golden hair fly 407's and 212's, except for Matt "spin the wrong way" Callighan, plus a few other braves from the sacred tribe of the Codfish.


That just shows the superiority of the aboriginal culture... sort of like Spanish verbs only more so...:)


I came down out of the Sierra Madre in California once doing 205 kts ground speed about 10 feet above terrain in an Astar. I was with my engineer and two girls who worked at the local Frito Lay company that he had been lusting after... I should have invested in some new prescription lenses for him...:)


I mentioned that to one of the other pilots once and he got all upset and asked me why I was in the shaded area of the HV diagram (I just noticed I have the same initials!!!)... but didn't have much to say when I asked him where that shaded area was in a non-Bell helicopter...




P.S. Man was it a rush doing 205 kts at hedge height!!!!

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