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Accident At Bell Ii

Guest Angry Egg Driver

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I heard it went all pear shaped yesterday for Ralph. Don't know all the details but it was a B@ and Ralaph is just fine. Perhaps his pride bangged up a little. I can't say the same about the machine. It was leased, now its just "was".


speaking of B2"s saw your vid. Very cool my friend. I look forward to more soon.


Mep! :wacko:

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Glad to hear Ralphie is OK, do you know which (if any) Ski Guide was onboard?



RB2, Bell II is waaay up north of Smithers.....





North from Bell II

Bob Quinn Lake 30 miles 48 km

Tatogga 92 miles 148 km

Iskut 100 miles 161 km

Dease Lake 150 miles 241 km

Jade City 227 miles 365 km

Yukon Border 286 miles 460 km

Watson Lake 300 miles 483 km

White Horse 600 miles 965 km

Anchorage 1200 miles 1931 km


South from Bell II

Meziadin Junction 60 miles 96 km

Stewart 100 miles 161 km

Kitwanga 164 miles 264 km

Terrace 220 miles 354 km

Prince Rupert 310 miles 499 km

Smithers 230 miles 370 km

Prince George 500 miles 804 km

Vancouver 1000 miles 1609 km

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T-Rex, I'm not busy like you, wearing a Suit in the Upper Management of a highly successful Seismic company :D

Plus it doesn't take much time to type "Bell II" into a google search :up:


OK, next problem, Corpus Christi....leave office, make a couple of 90 degree turns to get off the Springbank airport, Heck, Oh, you probably drive a BMW SUV...just go throuth the wheat field and climb the ditch, follow Highway 1 through Calgary, R on Barlow, Valet park the Beemer at YYC, take AC 164 in Business class to DFW, It's an A320, leaving at 1110, Hire an American operator with an EC 130 to fly the rest of the way south. Use your Platinum Corporate card.


OK ? Now, do you want me to get you a F^%$ cup of coffee too ? :D

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