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Flight Duty Xls

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I use log ten pro X on my iOS device. It has unfortunately gone to a subscription but I like it so much I don't mind. It can be printed and made into a logbook as well which is nice and you can add smart groups to track anything you want.


Just checked their website, can you configure CARS limitations into the tracking piece. Also wondering if they offer Company level where the CP can track / audit their flight crews for compliance.

Thanks R0t0r

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Robottxt - Interesting handle..


We are all aware of spreadsheets and DropBox and a good idea.

Anybody have a spreadsheet that tracks Flight Time, Duty Time, Rest Periods, Days off, and Days off due next.

I'm looking for a Company wide solution that all my pilots can populate daily and I can review from time to time ensuring compliance with CARS.

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Guest JetboxJockey

Try using the crossover program on the Mac to run Flight Duty XLS. Works great.


Yup, lots of windows emulators out there for android, mac, Linux and Ios among others. Pick your flavour and install flightduty.


No sense in trying to recreate the wheel.

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How nice...suckers eh. Well luckily robottext I was replying to someone that asked a reasonable question and I replied with my humble opinion based on my experience and preference. I'm sure I could call you a sucker for many of your choices but I choose the high road.




I don't use it like that so I'm not sure. Most of my flying doesn't take me near the need to use the ops spec but the individuals at cordaline (the supplier of that app) are quick to respond and very helpful. If you touch base with them they will be happy to help. I personally think it can but there's a bit of figuring out required.



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