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Flight Duty Xls

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Flight Duty XLS is getting a bit long in the tooth in the current culture of web-delivered Software-as-a-Service where you can subscribe online to pretty much anything.


The solution XLS provides is great and it performs as described, but it desperately needs to be ported to a web service and a stronger multi-user + operations management reporting model added, with a similar price point. The closest I've come to delivering it on iPad's and other mobile devices is through an expensive remote desktop services solution.


There are other options out there, but so far the pricing has been unrealistic when you compare it to what FltdutyXLS cost, or a custom spreadsheet costs in labour to build. I know of a few recently launched companies providing comprehensive Canadian-centric Aviation ERP software packages that have built-in flight and duty tracking, but I don't think many operators outside of 100+ fleet sizes could really consider their current launch subscription rates viable, which is a shame.


Personally, I use Google drive and a custom spreadsheet.

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What's everyone using these days? FDXLS has pretty much run it's course for me old program that wont run on my machine.

What's a good cloud based solution or is there one that tracks all the trackable pieces, even allowing you to use Ops Spec exceptions.




TC Support Cloud Based:


http://flightdutytracker.com/- TCCA support - $500US setup + $24.95 per pilot monthly.

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Some of them are doing it HeliRico but like whippersnapper says, their price points are impossible not to choke at (if they will tell you what i actually is going to cost you). I have talked to one of them and did a webinar on another, and they all look great, but when compared to FlightDuty and our current software we run (which the old guys are comfortable with, which is a biggy), it would be a HUGE expenditure to not only get off the ground and integrated, but weeks of training and headaches converting everyone over.

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