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I guess the sad thing for me is that the question (who oughta be here?) even has to come up. I think Cap's right - that the little chaff that does drift in soon tires, especially of not understanding most of what we're talking about. Folks like TQN are truly a breath of fresh air, especially when compared to some of the drivel we've seen so far this year. If the air gets a little too smoky for anyone, it's just like the TV - you can switch channels or turn it off. Folks like Mag, though, have too much of value to deprive us of it, whether it's good gen or good laughs. IMOH B)

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Guest Bullet Remington

Have to concur wit DeeDuya. Well said Sir.


Been giving some of the posts here and some of them sets me to wondering. Or maybe its just my mind wondering :shock:


So of Maggie's post can be taken out of context. But I write that of to over exposure to those freakin plastic fumes from those helicopters in works around. Some of those fumes can really do damage! ;)


Overall, I can't really whine about his posts, his opinion amy from time to time differ from mine, but that's just a case of individualism. Would be a really boring and perverted world if everybody held the same position as me. :huh:


If you notice, or again, maybe its just my perverted view, Maggie didn't utter a disparging word when that first avater of TQN's was up there. Maybe that's it. Is it just me or is that Avater better than the current one? I miss the Old one :(


Caought a glime of rumrunners, and that kinda scared me! If that's what rumrunner looks like, then I'll be going Mmmm. If rumrunner's ahe, I'll continue to shudder!! :huh:


Anybody else miss the Old Avater of TQN?? Maybe we should start a vote :up:

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Guest Bullet Remington



My post was made tongue-in-cheek. Wasn't meant to pee in anybody's porride or to insult/demean, disgrace, or otherwise irritate TQN.


I had attempted to insert the winking smilie in there, but the keyboard was having a brain fart. You have no doubt noticed the terrible spelling. I attempted to clarify and correct the post but it only made matters worse.


The fact that there is acually a poll in place is a surprise! :shock:


I didn't really expect that to happen :huh:


Personnally, I really have no preferences of what TQN uses, as long as she's happy with it, matters naught to me. Of course I encourage and enjoy her posts.


A little couth in this racket is welcomed!


In That I instigated the poll, I have refrained from voting! Don't want this to escalte into something that would offend the Lady!



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