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I know what you guys mean about looking up... Not only do I always look up, I also try to identify a machine before I see it. I can't help it... it's like a sickness... and I'm not alone... Many are the times that a bunch of us were drinking beer on a deck and started arguing about some approaching machine... and after it had passed I noticed a few women (wives or girlfriends) rolling their eyes heavenward with a "please take me now Lord" look to them... I suspect this is endemic in the industry... I must have missed some vaccination as a child...



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A-ha! Identifying them! I can point out most of the civvy and military Bells and the MD's to anyone who will listen (ha!); have a harder time with the rest, but I'm getting there! :rolleyes: I need a chart. Anyone got a chart? :)


Yeah, but you held off for almooooooost 2 months.... :up:


And that was pushin' it, let me tell ya, SKU! :D But see: 12 more folks plugged into Ryan's poll. :P So there! It's all good!

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Rotor and Wing publishes a really good chart... I have one that's been drymounted hanging in my living room... where my ex-girlfriend said it "didn't belong"... it was the last straw!! You can get them as a regular poster, laminated or mounted... they're pretty cool...



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HV...my friends and I play the same game...name it before you see it. It is soooo fun!!! On Thanksgiving we were driving on Hwy 2 by Edmonton Int'l and 2 F18s did low overs right above us. Even in the vehicle you could hear the roar. It was awesome....pretty much the only stiffed wing that "gives me a stiffy" :) Not exactly possible but you get my point. I always laugh at myself...Flew almost 8 hours today and now I am in the hotel reading and talking about helicopters. Don't know too many other people that live and breath their jobs. We are definitely a different breed!!!

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Oh, c'mon, SKU...ya party pooper. :P It's an easy place for newbies to start and I enjoy watching the numbers change. :rolleyes: Keep waiting for specific categories to change, like those bottom three for example. Maybe it's just me?


Little hint: You don't have to open the thread each time it's active again. Those little, colored-folder icons on the left denote whether it's bumped up because of new comments or a new vote in Ryan's poll. ;)


Aaaaaaaaaaanytime I can be of help, lemme know. :) 'Cause I just hate it when you get like this: :rant: :D



So, ummm...


What's your doing/undoing?


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