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An outfit called Stephan/H Aerostyle exhibited at HAC last year. Telephone office (418) 687-4001 or Ariane Sales Rep at (418) 932-3590 They are from Quebec City, PQ and custom make flight suits.they have a domain name of stephanh.com so may have a web site.


There is also an extremely active selling of surplus Nomex USAF military flight suits on eBay. Some have been sold for as little as $28 USD and others go for over a hundred. That is way cheaper than you might have custom made. We have bought a large number for our crew and they have all been new or like new.

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Super nice suits but wicket expensive. Looks to be real quality gear though. They just introduced a FR one retails for almost $800.00


Their suits on display at HAC were all stylish looking in keeping with their moniker "Aerostyle".


However they had breathable stretchy material for the knees and elbows. I was not impressed with the use of spandex type material in a fire resistant suit. AND they were all $500 and up.


The eBay suits I recommended above are mostly brand new surplus. There are several colours as long as you like tan, green or blue. Under a hundred bucks US is cheap for a high quality suit.

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