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Guest Bullet Remington
Contract engineers can come close to $90K a year too in a good season....so there is hope for aviation yet.




Holy Cow comes close??? I was contemplating going back to contract work but I don't think my Missus would like living with a lower wage. :down:


And I'm in the Plank World! :shock:



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There an ad in the Abbotsford paper 3 weeks ago from Kingland Ford in yellowknife looking for a licenced automechanic, starting wage 80-100 thousand depending on experience. I realize cost of living in Yellowknife is high, but that sounds pretty good.


There is a good example of supply and demand. You have to wait six weeks to get an oil change there.


Speaking of supply and demand, how do you guys think that will affect our industry in the future? I know our little outfit can’t get enough engineers and apprentices right now, and are treating this apprentice pretty good. There seems to be a lot of ads in the magazines and papers looking for engineers and pilots. That is to be expected this time of year, but why would the money be spent for the spot if it wasn’t needed to fill the position. I understand that some of these ads are placed to “fish” out some specific people, but this is the exception I am sure, especially in the nationally circulated magazines.


Anyway, back to my question. What is the labor pool like in our industry, and what will it be like in the future?


Apprentice :huh:

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Guest Bullet Remington

my condolences Bullet R....


I don't know which part of the fixed wing industry you're in, but are you the average or the upper end of the scale?

And does anyone know if Jetsgo's demise will affect pay across the other carriers? Seems to me a supply demand situation could result




Nope, no where near the top end, not even a manager! Manager's have a different pay scale and at this point in time, my level makes more then the managers do. :up: In the maintenance dept anyway. I have no desire to be a manager, they don't earn enough. :down:


By the way, that's without stock options - maintenance don't get them, just the directors, and drivers. We get employee stock sharing where the company matchs what we put in, dollar for dollar up to 20% of our salary. Nor does the amount include any profit sharing! Not that we'll be seeing a lot of that this period!


Personally, I wouldn't take a manager's position for less than six figures, unless of course there were other options that met or exceeded that amount.


I have worked at better places, :down: but on the other hand as well, I have worked at a **** of alot worst! :stupid:


By the way, I have a buddy of mine a Heavy Duty Mechanic based in Fox creek, works on oil field trucks and crawlers, he's making $27.00 bucks per hour, been there 10 years and he's topped out.


I believe, not 100% positive so don't quote me, but the company in Yellowknife looking for the vehicle Mech also owns an aviation concern there as well.


As for JetsGo's demise affecting the pay scale, not where I am now. Can't comment on the rest of the industry. For those who aren't sure, JetsGo contracted out their Heavy Maintenance to a Quebec Company. I have no idea whether they did their own line maintenance or contracted that out as well. :unsure:

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I feel that pay is relative to supply and demand and with the front end of the baby boom retired and more engineers leaving the industry than there is coming in then it is a certainty that the engineering shortage in this country will continue and salaries will also go up some more. As a matter of fact if you have helicopter experience you can be employed tomorrow with the major company that I work for and I assure you the compensation is fair and getting better. I know that I fix A/C because I dont want to do auto maintenance...especially in some Northern outpost!

Having said that I have made more money in real estate moving around the country than I have in 20 years being an AME.

<_< I guess you spend what you make regardless. <_<

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I got into the industry because in high school, i did one of those tests in Guidance class to see where you most fit into society...I don't want to say what my top two were, but I chose the third anyway....it seemed like the right thing to do.

Now look at me...Ha HA HA!!!! :D  Who's laughing now??? :shock:


I'll bet first was Rocket Scientist and second was Brain Surgeon... :P

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Just remember that the pay is secondary to the main objective "GLORY GLORY HALAUYA"!!!. Money can't buy that stuff!! Oh ya, I just about forgot the romance. part. Except that I don't think a sore rectal cavity is supposed to be included within the confines of "Romance"? :shock:

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