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Twin Time

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I know everything is pretty slow industry wide, and from what I hear the IFR side is quiet also.

I am looking to make the switch, have been for years, to the IFR side and for an advantage I am looking to gain some twin time.

Is there anywhere I should be looking to get into twin engine machines? Any help is appreciated.



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Ornge, STARS, Helijet are pretty much your only options to break in, but they don't seem to be hiring these days either.


Your other options are some of the operators (Canadian, CHC, Cougar and HTSC), but they usually require some multi engine time and time on type.

Everything seems pretty stagnant for now, probably will remain that way until oil and gas picks up.

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Another option is to seek all the companies that have twin stars.


Got to the Transport Canada - Canadian Civil Aircraft Register: Quick Search: http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/2/CCARCS-RIACC/RchSimp.aspx


Enter the following search criteria:



You'll find 31 Twin-Star aircrafts in Canada, you can see if any of these operators are hiring.


Backcomb, Eclipse, Four Seasons, Summit, Heliproducts, Great Slave, Lakelse Air, Sierra, West Coast, Héli-Inter, Zimmer Air, Canadian, Velocity, Mustang, Hydro One, Talon and Phoenix Heli-Flight

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