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External Loads-what Have You Dropped?

Guest Angry Egg Driver

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Which was quickly followed by an upper cut to the jaw.....a stunning left to Aholes cauliflowered ear...as he went down DGP ripped out the cyclic stick and gave the BOZO the ' Lights Out " call.......DGP calmly sauntered back to his canvass abode and resumed reading Readers Digest.....God I love this job,says he.


How do you like me so far,DGP.......


Best regards........sure would like to spend another time at the Big A reminising of the ol' times.......Otooley....your sparing partner!

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Most off you people are missing the point, PDM is assocciated with Risk Management, in my humble opinion the flight should never have been started.


For your added info, I never lost a sling load in over 35 years. For whatever reason, see the above.


I do know pilots with the same problem, it's called planning.


Another item, I was wondering when a non pilot became a knowledgeabele person re slinging ops carried out by the flying people.


Shades of Jim Masse ( no disrespect intendid) , for your information I was the first guy to hire him from the military.


Ya'all have a great week-end.



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Cheers to you sissyphus, I was removed from a drill move, and happy to leave. I didn't bother to plead my case with employer or customer, I know what is safe, when and how to do the job. If either the customer or my employer don't understand that then I am better off out of that situation. I still work for the same company and we have the same contract this year, I will be staying far away from that bunch!!

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Maxtorc, I'm pretty sure I've flown for the same drill foreman as you, I doubt there would be two arsholes out there.


To all the new pilots who may be starting out this spring. One of those old grey haired pilots told me this when I was just starting, "The hardest thing is saying No for the first time, but it sure gets easier every time after that." As always he was right.


Another thing I do is document any "negotiations" with bad customers. And if there is a problem usually the ops manager likes to hear your side before the customer.


Oh, and no I havn't dropped anything.........yet. Well at least not by accident.

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I emailed a heli-pilot friend of mine this topic, He just got back to me, said that he was told that the job could be done then, pilot turns around and says "since when did you pay 40000$ to go to flight school" just a little argument, waited until next day got the job done nuf said



Cole :)

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Was picking a load of cement with a jetbox one time, (well it was a load for me!), and I lost the whole LL straight into the cement bucket. The emergency cable had been re rigged during some maintenance work and nobody noticed that it was just hanging on the point of release. :down:


I had lifted a few buckets at that point, but as I started up with this one from the truck, the little "ops! that feels light" and my extended hook and line, did a straight in. B)


Landed, dug it out, washed it all off with the trucks water and carried on.


It was lucky (looking back afterwards) we didn't hurt someone before the problem was found... :up:

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In the 33 years that I HAVE BEEN in the business I have yet to see a drill boss that didn't at least think he knows a lot more than any helicopter pilot about flying especially when it comes to slinging....as mentioned and I have heard it from some of the best...if you give it at least a try the customers are usually satisfied that it can't be done...and I also tell them...it's your nickel...the clock starts ticking when my butt gets in the a/c....and I have turned down lots of customers when I KNOW that ....yes...someone...or something is going to get bent if I try this.The above story told as #### has pointed out was my decision...based on what I had told the so well called camp idiot...knowing that...this is going to be very difficult...be very carefull and if you have to...drop the load as was told to said bonehead.As mentioned ,this guy I"m sure never got the point of this lesson...he's probably done this to more pilots down the road and could probably care less as mentioned if they don't like the driver it's a short call away for a replacement.After this happened to me, I also informed these fellows that they would be needing a new driver as THIS one had had enough of their bs.

As for 35 years and never dropping a load.....congrats are in order...that is a record....lets hear it :up: .Of all the guys that I have known and worked with that have done as much slinging or more than myself, I don't know any that for one reason or another have not had to drop a load or accidently dropped a load(buckets included)....congrats again. ;)

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I had a horse fall out of sling. The sling that we used to carry him broke about 1 mile away from I need to drop him off.Of course the horse didn't make it. The only thing that made it not so hard to take, it was either try and fly him or shoot him. He had a leg that was injured during the trail.

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