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Hmmm If a guy didnt know better he would think that TC had issues providing uniform interpretation and enforcement of regulations across different regions..



Its not all bad R22Capt, the Arriel is a much better engine in the 76 than the Allison.


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Guys take a minute and think about what could potentially happen with an engine failure with a single engine helicopter on approach or departure and how many lives could potentially be lost to try and

A 355NP isn't a CAT A aircraft. The only CAT A heli pad on the coast is london air private estate on Sonara island and thats just to keep the peasant out.   Nice to see HAC is racing to the bottom,

If you land at Hospital heli pad, no body will come outside to meet you. They will call an ambulance or fire department. You don't just show up at a hospital.     HAC "ONLY" represents owners in

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