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Golf Ball Drop

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Anyone with any experience here. I've been asked to do a drop for charity. I'm sure it is preferable to not throw anything out of an aircraft, but it doesn't say you 'can't. "602.23 No person shall create a hazard to persons or property on the surface by dropping an object from an aircraft in flight". Since it's for charity, and these drops occur quite often according to You Tube, I thought I would check with the experts. Since it's a Calgary Golf course, will take a bit more coordination with Terminal here, but they're usually pretty accommodating. If you have experience here, please chime in. Height of drop, any other precautions (obvious or not) are appreciated.

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Hi Bluethunder, the problem is not dropping the golf balls but flying for display purposes requires an SFOC:


"air show" means, pursuant to section 101.01 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, an aerial display or demonstration before an invited assembly of persons by one or more aircraft;

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I had a friend do one, he hovered about 50' above the green and dropped the balls, he said it was lucky the green was dry otherwise it would have made the green unplayable for a week. He figured that he would have got a better result if he had of done 20kts down the fairway at 50' and had his helper drop the balls about 150' from the pin, that way the downwash wouldn't blow the balls all over the place and it would be kinder on the green. Either way, it's just a lottery and I'm sure it will be fine whichever way you choose!


Edited: As flingwinger said, he had to get permission from Transport which was simple enough, the strangest thing was that they wanted a weight and balance calculation both before and after the drop...

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Company I used to work for had a cool customised 55gal drum that could be longlined and had a hatch on the bottom and some clever rigging that utilised the remote hook release to trigger the drop. If I recall correctly, the drum itself was set up to hang off the longline hook frame with a few short slings, and a hatch at the bottom of the drum which was held closed by a slightly longer sling attached to the hook. Hitting the hook release dumped the hatch and set loose up to 50 gallons of golf balls all over the green.


Pretty sure they didn't fill the whole drum... :)

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