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Bose A20 Install In A Gallet Helmet

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For anyone considering doing this I thought I'd post about my experience. I just installed an a20 into my gallet 250 and it was wayyyyy easier than I anticipated. The headset comes apart very easy. The microphone assembly is able to disconnect from the headset itself. You have to open up the assembly to be able to disconnect the mic boom from the assembly itself so it can be mounted directly to the helmet. There is NO soldering involved. It just disconnects from a mini wiring harness. The only mod I did to the headset was to sand off a piece of the microphone wiring housing that connects to the bottom of the headset because it would interfere with the bottom of the helmet and make the gap between the ear cups too narrow. Once sanded off it fit nicely. The only concern I had was once the mic is mounted to the helmet there is not a lot of slack for the wiring from the mic to the headset. I put some heat shrink around the connector to help hold it together. So far so good. I originally took it to a communications shop and they quoted me $800 for the job. I did it in 2 hours and I am about as handy with this stuff as a one armed trapeze artist with an itchy arse!! So if your thinking about doing it I'd say give er!!


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I tried to attach photos but cant seem to get them uploaded for some reason. I used the same technique gallet uses to keep the earcups in place. Velcro!! works fine and you can position them anywhere you like because the bose earcups are slightly smaller than the gallet ones.

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