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Selling Yourself In Todays Market?

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The number 1 reason given was more experienced crew were also sitting around. That I can understand and it sucks being the new guy on the team. I have also been told that after second consideration the job might be too hard for me to handle (location, weights and confined area sizes, etc). This to I can understand to a point but still tough when you were ready to go and pulled off and it might even just go back the first point that a more senior pilot is not flying either. If the company is slow then I agree that full time members get priority over contract which is also why I would rather not be contract in the first place.


My biggest hurdle it seems is the black hole of HR haha. I've applied to all the companies mentioned and called most of them over the last few months and always get the run around by the front desk. Not trying to make excuses but I've tried to arrange face to face visits and told to talk to HR or submit online with no results. I got as far as an ops manager for one company and was told things looked good and then never heard back and had 3 weeks of unreturned calls. This is the part where I'm really hoping someone inside could tell me what goes through a helicopter HR members mind when selecting a resume for the second look pile.


I'm really trying not to come off sounding defeatist or whining and I hope it doesn't sound that way. Just looking for general advice and seeing how things look from other perspectives.

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