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Faa To Tc Cplh Study Material Recomendations.


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Good morning,


I am on the last hurdle for converting my faa CPLH to a transport CPLH and was curious if anyone could please recommend some study material for the up coming exam. I have been focusing most of my time on the pstar related information and have gone through Transports recommended study material for the CPLH conversion. Looking for advice from anyone who has written the the same exam recently. Thanks for your time.

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AIM. read and know the pertinent VFR portions of the AIM...


There are some differences between the US and Canadian systems, the conversion exam is mostly going to deal with rules and regulation, so I would focus a lot on that.


The new study guide should have what areas the exam will focus on, and that should help you somewhat, altough it is not as well laid out as the FAA version of the same documents...




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For anyone interested. I just wrote the FAA ATP conversion (FAAAH) exam which I assume is very similar to the FAACH. I found it hard to find info on what to study. As for study material the exam is basically all air law. 1 or 2 companies have online programs you can purchase to study for these exams. you must have a CAT 1 medical and application for the conversion mailed to TCCA to write the exam. I renewed my medical the day before and transport lost my application, but wasn't a problem was still able to write the exam. AIM RAC section will have most of the info you will need to study. off the top of my head the subjects on my exam included:


Low level air routes- tricky question on this exam they are class E but the answer they might be looking for is located in class G so read the questions well.

life jacket requirements.

fight and duty limitations

landing in built up areas requirements

reportable aviation accidents and incidents

atpl licence privileges

cat 1 medical expiry

night currency

operating aircraft in foreign country

special vfr day and night

operational flight plans

fight plans and itineraries, icao flight plan or flying to the US

standard pressure region when to change altimeter setting

flight plans and itineraries

ifr uncontrolled and radio frequencies for uncontrolled and MF/ATF

dangerous goods - basic questions

northern domestic airspace and southern

arctic control area, northern, and southern altitudes

east to west cruising altitudes in northern and southern airspaces

extension of duty times and what must you extend your time off by if you have extended duty times


if you know these topics well you shouldn't have a problem. 25 questions 70% to pass for the FAAAH




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