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Flight Suits! Best Place To Buy One?

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I'm all good with where to get standard suits, I've had one from Guardian clothing that lasted so long it's probably fire-promoting by now rather than redardant. Wore it summer & winter. I've had a few company suits from Flight Line as well which did the job but were nothing to write home about.

I was just curious specifically about what you get from Stephan H for the added cost. But anyway I came into some unexpected disposable cash, so I treated myself. Apparently there's quite the lead time though, so I guess fingers crossed my 2-piece arrives in time for fire season?

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The Stephan/h website lists these flight suits as mostly made from nylon & polyester, not very fire retardant. My advice would be to read about the British navy personnel who had nylon underwear when their ship caught fire during the falklands war, then buy a fire retardant or cotton flight suit.

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Well, I haven't worn it other than around the house, as it's a lightweight one. And I ordered the pants too long, so I need to get them hemmed. But so far, I think it'll be good! It's very comfy, and the new-style collar isn't nearly as nerdy as I worried it might be. I think I may miss rolling up the sleeves like on my onesie, and it could do with more of a variety of pocket sizes (all the flashlight/pen pockets are identical sizes). I also didn't spring for any "options". I'll check back in once I wear it for a shift or two.

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