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Blackmac ----totally agreed on all. I just think that #'s 2 & 3 are transferrable to other escapades that do not involve leaving the ground........but that depends on how "kinky" you are though. :lol:



On a serious note, I take no joy in hearing about some pilot having an accident or an incident because I've heard the sound of horseshoes too many times.

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I've done it here at work on a region conference call.....admitted I feeked up and that it was my fault. Basically taking ownership for my mistake.


Here was the outcome.


1. My peers said "great job & you got balls...good on y'a"

2. My boss said "you gotta watch what you say on those calls..might come back on y'a"

3. Region & Company Execs "You cant admit to stuff like that son, get your ducks in a row and lay blame on the other or you'll never move up cause you cant play the game."


With that being said, I beleive the best place for "learning sessions" is with your peers in a "fireside" chat environment, where no holds are barred in fear of reprisal.


For myself, I could give a rats assss about the game.


I feeked up, admitted to it and it's time to learn form it and move on. FULL STOP


My $0.02





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Frequent Flyer, the TC registry says Tasman has 4 - 212's and a 407. They have one 212 skiing in Golden, and the rest must be on the coast? If they're short of aircraft, there's a lot of good meduims parked for the winter. Lots of potential short term leases out there.

Their Golden customer typically requests a 2nd 212 about now, not that he flys many hours on either the 2nd aircraft or the main contract aircraft. ( 100 hrs in 5 months = about 0.7 a day ! ).


Best of luck on that Job, E.M. :up: :D

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Thanks 407d. I know they have one in Australia on Fires and if the second goes to Golden to support # 3. That means not much left on the ramp. Oh by the way Bell put on a great show at HAI. My favourite side of the showroom for sure. The party on Sunday was hands down the best of anyone for the last few years. Good to see that North American Power coming on again.

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Blackmac, some more definitions for you, from my Oxford:




(Italics mine)


An event that is without apparent cause;


An unfortunate event;


Occurrence of things by chance



Don, you never stop surprising me. I'd have bet money you'd be with me on this one, but here I am, wrong again! :blink:


I will never believe there's such a thing as an 'accident.' NOTHING happens without CAUSE. 'Accidents' are the EFFECTS of CAUSE. Some will say, "Being struck by lightning is an accident." Well, it was caused by someone making themselves subject to a phenomenon of nature, one that could have been avoided. :o


ALL 'accidents' could have been prevented if the right person(s) in the chain had acted differently - those persons usually being found among designers, manufacturers, certifiers, regulators, AMEs and pilots. There is, 99% of the time, an APPARENT CAUSE for any UNFORTUNATE EVENT, even though it may appear to have occurred BY CHANCE. Cards, dice, one-armed bandits and, maybe, marriage involve 'chance' yet, even with those, WE are at cause. If we didn't play, they couldn't happen. Of course, if we didn't fly, we couldn't have flying 'accidents' but that's obviously an unacceptable solution. Every one of us that takes part in the game, though, can do more, and more, and more, to make sure we do NOTHING to contribute to the CAUSE(S) of an 'accident.' If we all took on more personal accountability we'd be a giant step ahead. PUSH yourself. Go the extra mile. Make it SAFE. B)

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I feel that the industry should not have to wait 2 or 3 years to find out the cause of something. It's ridiculous from a saftey standpoint. For the next two or three years, there is going to be countless other pilots who have little experience, making the same mistake that were made the other day.

The only problem with that Maggie is that those mistakes that you would like to see discussed publicaly are usually very common mistakes reoccuring on a regular basis. They are usually mistakes that most pilots both young and old usually already know about from their training etc.

They just happen to make those common mistakes because they are simply human.

You could have a fire chat discussion about the guy that crashed when he got into loss of tailrotor authority last year and have the very same accident the very next day because you just happened not to be paying attention for those two seconds when you should have.

If anything, more training, more often. :up:

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