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I see that Cap is posting so I want to be quick... I just wanted to say following Skully's post that I could publish a great book just by reprinting his posts... with all the spelling, grammar and organization corrected of course... :) :) :)




P.S. You won't try and beat me will you?

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If I can be allowed a comment here gents, it may be just the right moment to say it. We face situations many times that are considered "normal" and we handle them to the best of our abilities and experience. It's very easy for "some" to sit back and "armchair quarter-back" in similar situations. In some cases those "quarter-backs" have neither the experience on type or experience in that enviroment. Even though, we still hear the "ya but, but, buts". If all these folks are correct then, perhaps they could advise an old stupid buzzard like yours truly, how one goes about dropping loads of retardent, water, etc on a fire-line during a forest fire. If one is going to have any effect at all on the fire, you either do it from a hovering position or a moving position. In both situations you are low over the trees and should you hear a "stove" quit or the eerie silence of the single-engine world, we ALL know we have a "bag full of ********" on our hands RIGHT NOW!. Other than the hovering aspect, what I've just stated applies equally to those of the F/W world also, so we are not alone. Those of us with a modicum of "experience" aren't totally crazy or complete idiots and if we've been around long enough, we recognize inherent dangers and times of caution a long time before those who don't have that experience. We do certain things to put the odds in our favour as much as possible and then re-evalute before committing. If we STILL don't like the situation, we customize it until we are comfortable and feel we've increased everything in OUR favour. For most of us that suffices and we are succesful the vast majority of times, but for some of us things don't 'work out" on the odd occasion.


This is not meant as a criticism to all, but only as a word of caution to those "holier-than-thous" that emerge full force after a similar accident. It's just a caution to "THINK FIRST" about whether you have experience in that type of a/c, in that enviroment and experience doing THAT job. Otherwise, you're just like an empty 45 gal drum........making lots of noise, but that noise ain't worth much. I trust that all concerned, know exactly where and in which direction these comments are directed. Lastly, I'll also not "hang my *** out in the wind" for any stinking paycheque and there's hordes of my kind out there who stand with me on that also.......and there's no "company pressure", client pressure, MoT, Union or Association pressure going to change that plain old simple fact........ it's our ***** "on the line"....not theirs. So do we have a problem saying "NO"?.........not in the slightest baby.......and we're even pros about that too.....we can say that with a pleasant smile if the situation dictates.

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Did I move 'em? Oh yeah... up the hill and back down again... they're sitting in a field... I had more stress today than in years... and at the end of the entire cluster as I explain to them why it's impossible to do with a helicopter what thay want to do and I don't know how they have done it in the past... they tell me they've never done this before... with a helicopter or without... So here I was trying to put a 3,000 lb section on 9 studs sticking out of a concrete pad and it turns out I was a guinea pig... not a pilot... or is there some kind of gray area there?



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