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Everyone Having A Stellar Year?

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I agree totally with you Shakey. Heaven forbid that someone would dare to think that this industry is anything but perfect and the employees are treated like gold. We all know that management or owners will certainly take a serious cut in pay or work twice as hard/long, just like the employees!!!! And no doubt, sell some of their assets to ensure their employees can keep their jobs. And I would rather work with you any day rather than some pilot that has his/her nose jammed so far up the owners *** and hasn't the balls to say anything other than "treat me how you want, I love my job."

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Yeah !! Drop dead and die you freaging dopey. See , no one cares about what ever you have to say here. Just go ! Until we meet..

Drop dead and die??? That one is going to be a tough one to pull off.


Yes, yes you've been telling me how you're going to smash my face in, in my PM for quite a while now. Super scary and all. Do you want to smash everyone that doesn't share your opinion?


Like when you said you would work for free and I called you out. That was a face smashing as I recall. If I translated correctly the jibberish you seem to think is the English language. Or the time you taught me that Australian is a race and I therefore am a racist for not agreeing with the TFW program.


You should get some help for that anger issue and maybe some English lessons.

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