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Which Machine To Buy?

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Some scoff at the Robinson Products. I had a new 44, I wouldn't hesitate to own a 66. I now have a 407, but there is nothing as economical as a Robinson.......Not the prettiest thing out there, but probably the most practical! A 206 isn't a far stretch either. Not familiar with owning the French machines, but before I bought the 407, I did research the 120. It just doesn't have the carrying capacity in my view.

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Longranger is super smooth, roomy, reliable, great fuel economy, relatively low maintenance and not a lot of calendar items especially with the 3 year TT straps.


I'm not sure the R66 will be so economical when the overhaul costs start coming in. The list of throw away parts is quite a bit longer than the '44. Factor in the engine overhaul and you might be spending 3/4 of purchase price or more to get it serviceable again! The Robinson rotor head design scares me, if you plan to fly in the mountains at all it's nice to have something a little more substantial up there.


You will find 200 hours a year is a lot as a private pilot if you are using those numbers to plan towards matching the 12 yr/2200hr Robinson schedule. Bank on 100-150

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