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Canada Armed Forces designations


CH-112 Nomad Hiller 360 (UH-12E / OH-23 Raven)

CH-113 Labrador Boeing-Vertol 107II-9 (CH-46 Sea Knight)

CH-113A Voyageur Boeing-Vertol 107II-28 (CH-46 Sea Knight)

CH-118 Iroquois Bell 205 (UH-1H Huey)

CH-124 Sea King Sikorsky S-61 (SH-3)

CH-125 Piasecki/Vertol 42 (H-21)

CH-126 Sikorsky S-58 (UH-34 / SH-34)

CH-127 Piasecki/Vertol 44 (H-21)

CH-135 Twin Huey Bell 212 (UH-1N)

CH-136 Kiowa Bell 206A (OH-58A)

CH-139 Jetranger Bell 206B-3

CH-143 Eurocopter bk117A-3D

CH-146 Griffon Bell 412CF

CH-147 Chinook Boeing 173 (CH-47)

cancelled CH-148 Petrel EH.101 asw

cancelled CH-149 Chimo EH.101 sar

CH-149 Cormorant EH.101 sar

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Don't care what they call them, those birds would shake more through translation than anything I've ever flown. Most types, you can tone the shake down with an adquate dose of finesse, but not that sucker. I hope they've got them smoothed out by now, especially for the ambulance role. B)

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