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Is Anybody Working Out There?

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Avoiding saying it makes you look way cooler but in the end, you will make em find out.. what a nice way to look cool! ummm !! I wonder if anyone's avoiding saying the are helo pilot at allll cost ?? After all, there's nothing sexy about being unemployed since a couple years, drunken every day and named Shakey.. hahahaha !! Up ur a$$ old *******!

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I disagree. Too many generalities. Not to mention, not very respectable. There are a lot of similarities to both lines of work. And, as in all things, in this regard, what exactly are you doing to

Well, that was my first post in years, won't do that again........people wonder why this forum is dead.....

This forum has become joke. Thanks idiots.

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I'm pretty sure the lack of participation is mainly due to the many issues with the site and problems with functionality.


Presumably, they are affected by this downturn as much as the operators are. Likely, vertical magazine is suffering from the same problems as many operators: lack of human and financial resources to correct known problems.


I could be mistaken, but didn't some of their corporate sponsors and advertisers file for bankruptcy protection recently?

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For are all you trolls out there that think I was rude or disrespectful saying a lot of equipment operators are over weight alcoholic chain smokers well........I am going on my third shift now on a cat 390D. Nice machine, 2 years old, however, my 300 plus pound cross shift keeps leaving his chew cans and cigaret buts for me to sweep out every morning.....The other hoe opertaor, a short wirey guy coverd in tattoos has no phone, because he says he gets mad and keeps breaking them. Between drags on his cigarets, he mentioned the only thing heis good at is fighting and drinking.


so back to my first post in this thread......I rest my case. I said it how it is. Myself and these amazing shinning examples of proffesional individuals are making as much money as contracting on a 212 on 2.5 + mins........

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