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Is Anybody Working Out There?


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You may have a point about responsibilities and training required, however I'm not sure risk has that much to do with how much a person gets paid in "most of the world's industries".




I'd say more than any factor, "the market" determines wages. If supply of trained individuals (who are willing to take the risks) is high (or demand is low) then wages are generally less. This applies to all industries.


The other thing about this industry is many pilots just love to fly....when times are tough they will take what they can get to get in that seat.

Well I have been around for a while and gotta say that I have more respect for todays excavator operators, and truck drivers for putting up with the major risks they endure day by day for poor pay. I sincerely appreciate a good engineer thats in it to win it rather than all the parts changers and ladder climbers out there.. A good engineer team mate is worth his/her weight in gold to me and the boss. Unfortunatley the good ones are forced to deal the all the primadonna pilots that have been produced over the past 15 years or so and end up leaving.... Risk ?? There is very little risk involved in flying a helicopter anymore( trust me I run super B's also) like when not too long ago aircraft were falling out of the sky and only a GOOD and experienced pilot could save the day. The engineers have taken all the risk out. Therefore the big bucks are not warranted for pilots. Their was once a huge shortage of pilots mainly because of the very high risk and payment reflected that but few wanted to do it. Now ?? Most new pilots are more worried how they look in the helmet and flight suit than emergency procedures because hey.... there are very few emergencies except when top gun screws up..alot would fly for free if you let them and I have seen many.. LOL ok lets hear it. No I am not an engineer.

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