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Flying In The Wires Environment


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Just curious if the "Flying in the wires environment" course is still required as a prerequisite to fly for a utility company here in Canada? Anyone know if this course is being held in western Canada this year? I see there is a course at HAI in March but that doesn't help my cause. By the way I work for STARS so I am not your competition and just want to see how we might be able to integrate this training into our world of HEMS. let me know! thank you.

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Hi Takem,


Unfortunately I can't answer you question but I can tell you that this course is for everyone. I learned so much and I felt like it prepared me for more than just flying for hydro. No self respecting pilot should be concerned with competition. They should encourage all their peers to take this course to increase safety. Best of luck and fly safe!

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Back in the 70's I did a few thousand hours flying patrol in QC @ ON and there is nothing magical about working power lines, even into the city of YUL, as in most flying jobs, it's a matter of flying using common sense and one of the major items to watch out for is an intersection where the lines overlap one another.


I was in T Bay when we received a contract from ON Hydro to do power line patrol from T Bay to Lake of the Woods.


The pilot who was there at the time was not familiar with power line patrol and I offered to give him some training. Both the company I worked for, and ON Hydro refused to pick up the cost of training.


Results: Both Pilot and Hydro employee killed were after they hit a Grounding Wire between two towers.

It didn't help that they were flying westbound into the sun. RIP.




Hope this helps,



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