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Is This A Flying Position

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So what do you think about this. Is it a flying position our just away to exploit another 100 hour guy. Appears to me by the ad there is no need to be a pilot.



Buffalo Aerial Services is looking for hard working, motivated 100 hrs pilots for the up and coming 2017 aerial spay season. No experience needed just the will to learn and work hard.

Applicant must have:

Alberta Applicators certificateClean drivers licenceStrong work ethicMechanically InclinedGood problem solving skillsSeason will run July 15th to mid September.If interested please send resume to [email protected]

I've been on this forum for years looking for every 100 hour or ground crew posting and they have been few and far between


Normally when they want specifically a low timer is it not because they want somebody who is familiar with working around a helicopter, who is also motivated to show his employer that he deserves to fly.


Why is the fact they want a low timer even a problem, I don't see 100 posts a year about places hiring low timers. Now the problem lies in the fact of they lead them along and there are no possibility to advance but I have faith in most employers to be straight forward and tell the Low timer the truth, during my job hunt many calls with chief pilots ended with they might use some but they never advance at least you know ahead of time.


As long as the new guys finishing school work hard and don't get discouraged an opportunity will eventually come, 7 years after flight school mine finally came along and I'm kept busy working 3/4 of the year with only the winter being slower.


Aerial spray is a great entry for guys depending on the set up if they are the rig or pick up drivers spending all summer working making money and being around helicopters as a low timer if you don't get flying how is that taking advantage of them?

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