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Not Sure How I Feel About This.

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Hey... Sorry I'm late to the thread, but someone just recently brought it to my attention.

This is me and Bentley. I've been flying with him for about 2 years now, and we slowly built up the trust to have him un-attended in the front seat with me.

First, his harness is like this. Car crash certified dog harness that is secured to the seatbelt with a heavy d-clamp. He is secondary secured with a leash around his neck around the seat bars. He is both secure from a crash, and movement in the cockpit standpoint.

The progression to the front seat was slow. His first flight was in the back with his mom while I started the helicopter and hovered at the airport. He didn't like the sound of it starting the first time, but that quickly went away. Our second flight was him secured and unattended in the back seat and we flew about 30 minutes. I recorded his reactions in the back for a while for review to see what bothered him. He didn't like the low RPM horn when I tested it the first time... But, now he is fine with it. 

After about 20 flights in the back, he slowly graduated to the front.


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Looks better behaved than some kids and adults for that mater that I'm after flying. There's days I'd love to have a buddy to drag along with me. Especially one that can't talk back haha

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2 hours ago, Iceman said:

Both of my dogs love helicopters and have travelled extensively in them. Here is picture of how excited they get when I come home during cool down.


That's awesome! They look like 2 happy dogs.


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