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Adding M2 to my licence

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I have been an M1 engineer for 35 years.  I want to put M2 on my licence.  To me I can not see how Cars does this.

I see how to get an M2 from the beginning.  Not sure if I must compete tasks and how much time I need to do this.

lots of tasks are covered on M1

seems as many people I ask including one transport. I get that many answers.

any insights are very welcome.



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If you work on turbine powered helicopters all tasks should be M1 Or M2. I know the inspector I had in Edmonton gave me my M2 because all my time was on mediums and heavys. They wanted to see 1 year of work experience on the jet buggies and A stars before they gave me M1. As you say, many people many answers.

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To the best of my knowledge.

CAR 566.03 (9)  And Appendix 'A' Table of Requirements (Link at bottom of page)

See Note 2 - referencing M1 times, applicable to M2 as well.


From what I gather you will need to do the following :

1) Letter of employment with 12 months work experience on M2 aircraft.

2) Minimum 70% of personal task logbook signed out by person certifying the work. (Same as apprenticeship) 

3) Pay application fee and submit for rating addition to license. 

I hope this helps you out?


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I just did this a couple years ago.

The big step is all new task logbook on M2 category aircraft. If you are ACA'd on a M2 category aircraft with your M1 license (thank you transport for creating the huge grey area in license requirements on rotor wing), you are able to sign your own tasks off on your new logbook. I had to argue/discus this with my PMI, but in the end I won. 

Quote from Transport task list AWM 566(Skill-4)(e)

"Proof of having completed aircraft maintenance tasks shall take the form of a certification by the AME, or equivalent person who supervised the work. The certification statement shall include .....
 Persons who sign for completion of maintenance tasks shall be responsible for the accuracy of statements made."

A letter from your PRM will eliminate all non-applicable tasks.



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