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Canadian Heli Companys

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HI guys,


Just wondering after spending some time talking to different companys in Canada i have narrowed it down to a few who i would like to work for...any input to the pro's and con's of these operators would be great. Saying that I know they are all good but I would hate to make the wrong decision...




Great Slave..??










thanks :D

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Mustang.. not sure


Great Slave.. heard good things


Delta.. will love them forever, they gave me my first job :up:


Campell.. ditto, gave me my first medium :up:


Canadian.. ask 407driver :P


Quest..? dunno

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Man oh Man,ya left out more than half of the good ones :up: :up:


Have a good weekend all.......Mini

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Canadian.. ask 407driver 


WHY ME? Hey, I hear they are GREAT, absolute best training in the business, great advancement opportunities, just stick around for a few years and you can be at the TOP, experienced helicopters too, I never ever flew a machine with less hours than me ( :D ?) and those uniforms...Niicccce touch :up: !


Any job is a good job, so if they have openings (and they do) take one, get the Penticton Instructors to teach you some tricks, make some money and move on....most of us here did that :D


Alpine...seems to be stuffed plumb full of Pilots right now, I wonder why ?


Qwest, great guys, super busy place.

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Mustang - Avoid unless you wanna work seismic in clapped out machines.


Great Slave - Good company But all arctic, average wages, and may have to sleep in a pup tent on the tundra.


Delta - Good company, But they are very picky who they hire.


Quest - Don't know alot but heard good things.


but this is only my opinions.


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Great Slave, I can't say enough good things about them! Treated me like gold!!


Delta, nothing wrong with them,


Canadian, everbody should work for them for at least one season just to make you appreciate the rest of the Canadian operators that much more. I'm surprised 407D was so diplomatic! I don't know why they're even on your list!


Man oh Man,ya left out more than half of the good ones


That's true, your list is all wrong!!!


You forgot Yellowhead, Alpine, and Highland is also apparently a low key but excellent company!!


Of course this is just my 2 cents!

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