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Canadian Heli Companys

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The helicopter establishment worked very hard to squash the efforts to build HEPAC.  They are doing the same thing to the EMS pilots of CHC who are trying to organize.  Had HEPAC succeeded, there might not be this continuous battle being waged between the pilots and engineers on the one hand and the operators on the other.  Perhaps the establishment has only itself to blame for the ‘mudslinging’, which may be occuring in some other forum if HEPAC existed. 

:shock: My GOD! It's an all out "CONSPIRACY".....The ever evil "Establishment" versus the forces of good and righteous (HEPAC?).....For cryin out loud Sisy, do you actually buy into what you post? There is no"dark side(s)" here.

HEPAC did not manage because of....wait a minute...."LACK OF INTEREST and FINANCIAL SUPPORT" from us, yes "US", pilots and engineers alike. Small wonder Don got frustrated trying to build it, a lot of us work within this industry to our own agenda's. To try and consolidate all of us together is a monumentous task. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

I am though sick and tired of the constant bashing of the industry overall by a disgruntled few.....if you don't like our playground....then go somewhere else. In my miniscule 29 years within this industry, I have seen many changes, some good, some bad, some just "okay". It's far from perfect, but "I LOVE IT", and perhaps that is just one of it's endearing qualities some of us like.

There.....I feel much better now.......... :blink:

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Sisyphus ------When did all these "battles" take place and where? Is this another one of those things I missed while on vacation or confined to bed with the flu maybe? Are those "battles' something like "the impending pilot shortage" that I've heard about since 1960. I'm told that I missed that also when I was visting relatives in the States in March of 1975 and that it happened between 1PM-5PM on a Wednesday. Gotta tell ya that it really pissed me off because I was fed up with missing important events. You appear to have information from the "inner sanctum" about these ongoing "battles" that have taken place and impending "battles" to come, so I'd appreciate it if you'd PM me before the next one occurs.

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As for the "second hand information" posts, well, I'd be hard pressed to believe that many of the people writing what they do on here is based on anything other than second hand news. For so many of them who have NEVER worked for these outfits to lay laurels at their feet so readily, or hurl abuse, is as absurd as the "second or third hand bashing" I am accused of. Who's to say that my second hand info is any better or worse than their's? No one.


If you're refering to my "bashing" Canadian being based on second hand opinion, you're dead wrong my friend!!!

I worked for the red white and blue for plenty of years to have a very legitimate and personal opinion regarding Dobin's baby! It was very discouraging seeing some most excellent companies like Associated and Okanagan being turned into the most impersonable, backstabbing and demoralizing workplaces I'd ever seen before and haven't seen since. 95% of the crews I worked with at that time have all moved on so it's obviously not just me being the "odd disgruntled employee".

How would you like to work for a company that tells their employees they will be fired if they so much as "give the competition an o-ring"

The grass has been much greener on the other side of the fence in my experience and if I was religious, I'd thank god for the day I decided to leave and seek other "grasses".

Canadian Helicopters, unlike most other canadian operators is a public corporation and as such makes decisions based on improving their stock price, not what makes their employees happy.

When's the last time Dobbin or any of the members on the board of directors have taken the Edmonton engineers and pilots out for lunch or gone out on a friday night for a few brewskies with "the boys"?

When I started, we used to get together every fridays at that pub besides Ismeraldas and have a few beers, including most of the management and the clerical staff. That eventually faded away along with most of the things that made it an awsome company to work for.


Like I said, my opinion is based on a very very personal experience and I will not apologize for it!


Having said that, I never saw anything that would be construded as a safety concern. The flying and maintenance training was excellent and as far as I remember, they promote safety as much as most other operators. The employee morale just deteriorated to the point where I just had to call it quits!!!! :down:

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JetBox: People always remember the good times. I can remember with Viking having 85 to 100 machines contracted for the following year prior to the end of the previous. Then the big crash came in exploration in the early eighties and then the famous de-regulation. So, I would say the industry was real fun then, with everybody cutting each others throat.









PS: I am ex-Canadian, Lac St.Jean, Sept Isles, Universal, Dom-Peg, Okanagan and finally Toronto Helicopters. Loved them all.

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JetBox :up: Great Post ! I never knew that they were referring to YOU as the CHW/L basher, I thought that it was me? I'll have to try harder ? :D



JetBox, with our little "Turf-war" here, CHL has stated "do not help them at all".....


well, the BOB twins and Mr ---- , hope you liked remaining serviceable with a Brand X boost pump installed in your 206!...among several other parts over the

years...and OH, if O-rings are a concern...I suspect that there WILL be guys FIRED soon !


and no need to thank me, as it was "no-charge" for me to fly out that emergency fuel the time your 350 ended up a few gallons short.



It's not the CHL crews, they are generally great guys, trying to make a living, just doing a job as best as they can, it's that cesspool on the top floor of hangar 40 that's the big issue :down: Hopefully, the new GM will give those old attitudes a flush ! Clean it up M.

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