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Canadian Heli Companys

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What he might not know is that that trick doesn't fool the moderating team and has gotten people banned from these forums before... <_<


If you're gonna have a go at someone, at least have the balls to use your regular pseudonym. Opening an account just to take a pot shot at someone seems pretty cowardly to me... :down:

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Thanks for the support and sheep guys.


My not-fan seems to have a big chip on his shoulder over my attitude towards an ex-employer. Shame, as I haven't posted a bad word against them for almost a month and a half. Been trying hard not to.


The attitudes in town have improved dramatically with the departure of certain key individuals. The 'last man standing" here is a great guy and a superb pilot. I can see a whole new spirit of cooperation between companies in the future.


So, If not407driver wants to keep playing, I have an idea. rather than call names and throw anonymous insults, why don't you put your money where your mouth is, leave Ft Nelson and submit your bid on the vacant Base Manager position here, and then you can really teach me a lesson. That is...if you're up to flying in the hills.


Gotta run, I have not-CHL customers waiting for me to fly them.


PS How's my old buddy Cam doing with Qwest up there? :up:

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Vert Ref, you are one sick man ! But I like it ...... yeah I like it ..... lalalalalalala


OH Dang !! out of curiosity I read the NEW Guidelines ! Yikes, one liners are not permitted soooooooo, there I've added 2-3 more depending on how long I can keep this up! Wouldn't want Biggles banned for non compliance !!


Oh, and another line or two, I'm struggling real real hard in keeping some of my thoughts to myself with regards to this topic and others. See, thanks to guys like Cap, Blackmac, Old Doggy and a few others who somehow save the day and face of the threads that tend to go way off track (or downhill), I am still drawn to at least check out the latest & greatest.


And.... for whats its worth, I have yet to meet a company who is able to please ALL employees ALL the time. True that some are worse than others but even the best will tick off some ! So there, ewe deal with it or find better pastures.


Ahhhh Vert Ref, you keep up that mad humor !!!!

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If I was on a phone in show I would say long time listener first time caller..but this topic was one I had to wade in to


Not 407 driver does get a little hot and heavy for his first time out but it isn't all b.s.

While he does get quite personel so does 407 driver all be it with a little more tact...the back handed compliment is something he has perfected.

The reason i'm writing is that even in your latest post you get personal with reference to "certain key individuals." If you are speaking of the recently departed base manager of chl it really does show what kind of person you are.


I will have to say that if you couldn't get along with him I don't know how you manged to not have major issues in the anger department. If he showed contempt for you it may have been your oath to "have that hangar closed in six months" from when you "left"... this second hand from a customer soooo not to sure of the sredibility

Granted I don't know you personally and the area you fly in is demanding so you are obviously are doing something right over the years.The only time we have been in the vicinity of each other was about 5 years ago when I was out on the ramp at cdn and you came screaming over the hangar at a few hundred feet in that shiny longra..uh 407. At the time I was veerry impressed. Hindsighht has made me a little wiser.

And lastly good work on looking up the i.p. address but in this day and age those are not always that reliable ...figured he would have had a second post by now...maybe he peaked a little early

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or has been already stated, it was a chickensh%t shot as a 1st post and done to simply create controversy...


407D has contributed far more here than 1st posters, as have blackmac and the rev...


you have an issue, take it to the man himself and talk like an adult...


'nuff said..

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Stick the fork in it, it's done. This is going nowhere fast and if you folks really get the urge to register just to slander people you may or may not know, go here: n00bz And since this industry is so small, keep in mind that generally what goes around comes around.

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