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PPC Required ..... but its a curly one !

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Hi People

Any help very much appreciated thank you.

I work in Indonesia on a validation connected to my Canadian licence. Requirement from DGCA Indonesia to maintain licence validity is to have a PPC every year from your validation licence (TC for me) BUT because i no longer work in Canada i don't have an active pilot file with the company i used to work for and as i understand i would need to be employed to obtain a PPC in Canada ?? (I'm a Kiwi not living in Canada and not eligible to work either without PR or sponsor.......just to throw another spanner in the mix !)

I went through my old Canadian employer last year for PPC as the relationship was still fresh but its year 2 away from the company and the people i knew at the top have moved on, I feel its gone past a favour now, and as there is no advantage for said Canadian company to help other than they will get payed for their trouble.

Question is can i get around this if i WILL NOT be working in Canada , purely a paperwork requirement for Indonesia. Any pilot training companies out there willing to help ??

Thanks again.

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Hey Brocklanders

No it doesn't seem that's possible, iv been in contact with Chinook and its a no go unless you have a company willing to send a request letter for a PPC but also must have active pilot file , ie technically be employed........

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Could you not have the employer in Indonesia send a request email stating that your employment is subject to a valid PPC on your Canadian licence? You would also have an active pilot file with them I would think. Not a case of being technically employed, you are employed. Just need the Indonesian employer to check off the missing boxes.

Just a thought...

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The PPC form requires a company name and TC file number.

So I doubt that a foreign operator has a TC file number.

The PPC is based on an Operators  'approved' Operations manual. All the initial or recurrent training stated in the Operations manual must be complete and signed off by the CP, Ops Mgr, or a Training Captain, usually documented in the pilot file.  As well, the candiate will need a PPC recommend, this will allow an ACP to do a ppc.

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12 hours ago, freck said:

So are you going to do a PPC or are you seriously asking someone to pencil whip a PPC for cash? I'm hoping I've lost something in translation here.

Capitalism, no owner will turn down money...Not pencil whipped if he passes and a minister representative signs off...

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