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TCCA->FAA missed questions

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Owen    0

Yo folks,

Recently wrote the ACH (FAA ATPH conversion exam from TCCA) and there is one topic that I'm unsure of what the correct answer was for "Hover taxi and taxi for wheeled heli." 

I got one of these two questions wrong and am not positive which one it was. Also haven't had any luck finding a reference for both... Wondering if someone could give me a hand? Thanks....

Q:What is expected from ATC when cleared to taxi in a wheeled helicopter?

1) Are expected to stay on the ground and wheel taxi 

2) Proceed to the destination as fast as possible that you are cleared to.

    Note. These are the two of three options the exam gave me, that I could remember. I chose the first and I know it's not the second one...


Q: What's "Hover Taxi" defined as?

1) Proceed less then 25'

2) Keep a 5' skid hight and proceed on the route you are instructed.

3) Keep a 3' skid hight or if you have a wheels then keep contact with ground and wheel taxi.

    Note. I chose #2 


Thanks guys,


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Heliian    15

First one is correct, you are expected to taxi on the surface with minimal downwash.

Second one is #1) Hover taxi is less than 25 feet AGL

From the FAA helicopter flying handbook.

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