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Missing Jetranger

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Year of Manufacture 1973

Country of Manufacture U.S.A.  


Ya...picky, picky, picky.   Those hours divided by the years = 750 hrs / year.  Do you think OK, CHC/CHW/CHL ever paid that 206 off ?  ;)  :D


I would hope so, but remnants of the "mortgage" sticker was still there. No one knows why they sent it off our base. Guess the morale was too high on that orange coloured base and the Associated boys wanted that to change. :D


Here is a rare shot of Newman and HTP on HIGH gear just before she went to the flatlands...



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The CHC morailty police should have caught that decal and squashed it way back in '89, I can't believe that Zoom'in Newman got away with having a (gasp :shock: ) OKie hummingbird in public view all these years. 

Shame Dave, Shame  :D  :D

RH, both sleds on HIGH gear?  :up:  :up:  well done !


If it weren't for Dave, I wouldn't have been there as long as I was. He's a great guy to work for. From what I heard, he didn't share the wealth in his early years, but always gave me tonnes of flying while I was there. Averaged a hundred hours per month when I was on the base. As for "...I can't believe that Zoom'in Newman got away with... ", he retired many years before he stopped collecting a paycheque and Edmonton knew it, they just couldn't afford to tick him off.



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OK, perhaps I read all the posts to this thread a little quickly, but...


Is FHTR missing or what? I don't recall seeing an answer there.


(Oh man, all these threads turn into massive nostalgia trips for so many ppl)

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