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Vih Employing?


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Didnt mean to strike a nerve.. Had to go to bed, so I could get up early and swing bags at mexicans...

Hmmm Denver , wont hold that against you.


Thats not enough for seismic. IMO. Plus they will dangle the carrot of the 205... (gaurenteed).. I mean thats about the wage they were paing for skiing too...


Just for example , on seismic rates south of the border at the moment.


A certian companys yankee divison is paying 230-250 us a day 20-45 hr depending , plus hotel room travel and 30 bucks perdiem (all in green backs). I know of another company paying 300-350 a day (us) plus 130 perdiem ( you buy your room and food- pocket as much as you can)


Some where in the middle seems to be the going rate... just a little more than VIH's.


Also I hear the schedule isnt that great in FSJ!




I be from Durango.




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B]were are they now???? [/b]:down:

Where are they? I'll tell you where they are. They are alive and well and living in Victoria under the name of VIH. Thats why the pay is the same (duh!).

VIH took over NMH the way Sealand took over Okydokie. In other words it's VIH that disappeared in everything except the name and NMH and all its policies (including the ones that killed it) that are alive and kicking.

Having said all that VIH/NMH is still a pretty good outfit. By the way is this the same pottsy I shared a tent in Wunamon Lake in 91 with? With the light on all night and the cursed Herman blowing hot and cold all night long?

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DGP ----ya I know all about the "sit down and have a few drinks and have some laughs" routine. That'd be smug you sitting there and having laughs at me and a whole bunch of others. You're too close to my stompin' grounds and flyin' off an airport too close to my family's hearts to allow that. Go jump off some wharf in St John when the Bay of Fundy is at low tide or something. :P

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db...I think there is only one of me kicking around...I will need further info...can't remember that joyous night....probably was me...would have been working for midwest at that time :PB) I was also going to say...yah...who took over who :down:

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