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Bandage 1 Helicopter


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Article posted in Vertical Mag by "Orange Helicopters" stating that the B212 helicopter was provided by Viking Helicopters Ltd is, I believe, not quite right. Bandage 1 was actually a Bell 205A1, single engine on lease to Toronto Helicopters, who were operating the service using Vikings licence for that weight category.

From EX employee of Viking.


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If you GOOGLE Ontario air ambulance you will find some info and photo! I drop to recycle all my old 80' magazine last week(finally) and i remember that Canadian Aviation Magazine had a article about it and it's definitely a 212...!I But i think that i have a photo of the 205 Bandage ONE!.

212 was C-GONT and think that Bandage TWO was  C-GMOH 

And look at this 

Bandage 1 Air Ambulance and its Pilot in Sudbury




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Bandage One was a 212, yellow, black and white owned by Toronto Helicopters (Len and Ralph Rutledge)...I know - I worked for both Toronto and Great Lakes Helicopters  back in the day, one of the AME's that looked after it. Back up was a 206L/C20B, G-NZR. Bandage 2, also a 212, came along later and was Sudbury based.

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