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Nmh Ft St John

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talking about shooting people in FSJ, I was staying at the crew house and I was awaken to some loud talking and valgure language. I went to the door and the other pilot I was working with was standing at the door in his ginch and a shotgun in hand, One of the other pilots had shown up in town for work the next day and couldnt get his key in the door, he thought someone was breaking in.

Oh those were the days, Maybe I should take that job offer and get back up there.

I miss those places like.

-Paddy Camp

-Beaton Airstrip

- Niteal

-Tommy lakes

These names must bring back memories for a few. :wacko:

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I don't remember you trying to shoot me but I do remember one fellow sleeping in a ditch after a wild saterday nite.He was pissed off when the Canadian truck drove right passed. Oh thank god those good day's are only a blurry memory.What the **** is going on down there with these stange aircraft accidents,Don't peaple know how easy it it to KILL yourself in a helicopter.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA man, i am LMAO!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


the memories are streaming back :D


firehawk, if that crew shack was a trailer across the street from the NMH hangar then you saw me in a way few do!!! :D


got to love the north, a shotgun under every bed and a SPAS-12 in every hatrack! well at least my hat rack anyways...... ;)


and those canadian pr#cks??? they are lucky i wasn't packin' that night! and that i usually don't hold a grudge!!



ya, lots of weird crashes going on. you know, it's great to get the students attention by showing him a crashed heli and letting them see firsthand what can happen if you get sloppy. opens some eyes :shock:

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