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End of the H120/EC120/Colibri/Whatever you call it

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Another enlightened post. How many hours do you have in the aircraft simpleton?

There is still 48 registered in canada.  Some fly alot of hours. some fly very few. http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/saf-sec-sur/2/ccarcs-riacc/RchSimpRes.aspx?cn=||&mn=EC120|&sn=||&on=||

I loved flying it on fires this summer. It's a wonderful little machine if you know its limits. A perfect Helco/Admin platform if you ask me... But yeah, a beefed up drive train would work wonder

The EC120 is a great little helicopter.  Keeps a pilot honest and does pretty well what the Flight Manual specifies.

Fantastic visibility, large cargo capacity, energy attenuating seats, crashworthy fuel system, quiet.......too bad about the end of production.

Our customers and many other helicopter users will not permit their personnel to fly around in a " old clapped our Jetranger".

I'll take a garbage 120 any day of the week - you keep on keeping on!

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I have just shy of a grand and if sold properly, it’s dust fine. If you keep it out of the mountains and fly within the limits, it’s a great A/C. Most issues I’ve found are easily remedied with power management skills. The people that are used to an AStar or use the transients on the jet ranger always have problems flying this machine. 

It it is under powered but I’ve moved trees with it in the summer and had had the thing at gross weight all the time in the flat lands of Alberta with little issue. Calling it garbage is a bit much...

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