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Helicopter Helmet with BoseA20 Gallet Vs EVO

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Hi guys, i know there are some old topics about Bose A20 in helicopter helmets but i heard a lot of thing about it, some positive and some negative.  I sold my gallet LH250 ANR from Tiger because i want a single visor smaller and lighter helmet for my work, Powerline construction so 80% longline on a Hughes 500 with rear doors off all the time.  I had the Tiger ANR with a blulink but i dont want so much cables anymore (anr battery box, blulink etc) so i found that the best option would be the Bose A20 with a Gallet LH050 or the new EVO 052.  There is about no price difference between the two. I heard that the A20 fail in the Gallet helmets because there is not enough space to put those big cups in and that they have trouble with failure du to humidity.  Looks like the Evo dosent have this problem because they are made larger to fit the A20 ear cup inside.   I also considered CEP instead of ANR but i'm scared that putting in and removing the plugs every time i put on my helmet will piss me off after a while and there are some more wires too. 

So do you guys have any good or bad experiences with the Gallet or the Evo with the Bose A20 inside ?  If some of you fly Hu500 with doors off i would like to know if you have issues with ANR inside your helmets too. 


Thanks,  let me know even if you dont fly any Hu500,  Evo or Gallet with A20. 


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Have you looked into the light speed mod  http://www.lightspeedaviation.com/content/lightspeedaviation/CustomPages/helmets.htm

I have heard great reviews from guys doing this but in the LH250, better comfort,  larger ear cup, bluetooth standard if your into that.

I ran CEP for years,  would need a replacement cable every season (seem to break at the join near ear piece) 

CEP are fantastic doors off Astar , 206,  no batteries, simple, idiot proof and perfect comms... BUT....  to get used to really long days your ears do hurt.  you do get used to it 

For cost you can't beat CEP over the  Bose/Lightspeed 

for simplicity/ wire free the lightspeed sounds like a great system 

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Thank you for the reply,  I heard some rumors that Lightspeed earcups are to big to fit into the gallet and Evo helmet so they dont last long because of humidity accumulation due to the lack of space.  I tought about CEP but in summer i fly an average of 5-6 hours a day and some times 8-9 so ANR may be better for comfort over a long flight period.  Anyone has the lightspeed Zulu-H mod in their Gallet or Evo helmet for a review ?  

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I’m in the same line of work as you, but usually my door is either off or on.  I can’t speak for the EVO, but I just bought a plane jane 050 from Merrit... I have the hush kit and liner.  That’s it.  First time I’ve worn a lid in years, and I love it.  No fancy noise canceling or additional ear plugs, and it works pretty good in the 500.  Service was great getting it to fit right.  

The only thing that is particular to this lid is that if you are hanging your head out with doors off, and visor up.....There is a pocket in front of each ear muff that is typical of the shell design.  When you hang your head out the door at any speed it can get loud.  But this is mitigated back to normal with a bit of tissue paper stuffed into those pockets believe it or not... or just keep your visor down like it’s designed for.   The gentleman from Merrit clued me in right away.  We spent 3 nights on the phone making sure it fit right, and he willingly took the time to work with me.  First class service.  

Still pretty quiet all around.  Still can’t hear my wife, so nothings changed there.  

Flown in a few 500’s with it now, and I would suggest a independent volume control.  But other than that, I’m very happy with it, And I really didn’t want to pay for it.  But I still like it🤑 

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Know a a couple fellas with the Bose Gallet and Evo combo. All are really happy with them. Personally have used a HGU-84 single bungee visor for the past 20 yrs as 90% of my time is out the bubble and like the light weight and compactness of the helmet. Have loved the fit of the helmet out of the box and is pretty quite.  Just recently went through all the research as I wanted to replace it as it’s getting to be that time. Ended up going with the same helmet from Gibson Barnes but are having them install the Lightspeed ANR. Unlike the Bose it comes with a 3yr manufacturer warranty and seems to be a good lightweight system. The Bose once installed has no warranty as you are basically dismantling a Bose headset to install and Bose will not warranty anything. All good choices out there but just personal preference. I deal with Nate from Gibson Barnes and is always helpful. Unit all in with paint runs around $3000 US which is cheaper than most. 

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