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FAA conversion

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Hello Folks,

I am going to write down my FAA (Helicopter) conversion exam very soon. I am using a Dauntless software for study. 

Can you guys advise me for any further study material which i should use ? and how was the exam ?

 Your reply would be highly appreciated. 


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3 hours ago, Norm said:

What is the entire process or completing the conversion if you don't mind me asking? I'm not familiar with the dauntless software. Thanks

It's pretty straight forward these days. No more flight test for the commercial.

You need:

Pending all that is in order, the guy at the FSDO should be able to issue you your FAA CPL right away and then they'll mail you the actual card.

It should be noted, however, you'll still need a work visa to work in the USA or valid citizenship, but the CPL does give you non-revenue capability to fly N-registered ships.

Good luck!

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