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recurrent - how often ?

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Nope, Heliduck, that is incorrect.


You will receive training on each individual type you fly each year, however many is specified in the Comapny Operations Manual, then you will receive a PPC on on 1 helicopter with less than 9 pax, (usually the most technologically advanced one), then if you fly mediums, on 1 helicopter that carries MORE than 9 pax (205 for instance). THEN you will also receive a PPC on each individual TWIN the company wants you to fly. If you do fly a 212, a 355, a 206 and a 350, you'll do a PPC on the 212, 255 and 350. if you add a 205 in the mix, the 350 carries the PPC for single engine, and the 212 carries the training for more than 9 pax, so you are covered.

I know there are guys that have done more than me, but I did 4 PPC's i a year, 212, 230 and 214ST for twins, and 205 for a single, and I also flew 206 B and L's...

You also have to have techincal training on each individual airframe type, so an L1 and an L4.


Hope that answers some questions.



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another question.  at an operator such as PHI (or similar operators, HEMS, etc), can pilots fly all the helicopters in the fleet they want to or are they only limited to one or two models.

I can understand the Bell 206 and 407 both allowed but would think flying both the S-76 and AW-139 (look similar) would be not allowed.

just curious, thank you



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I don't know for PHI specifically, but at one company I was allowed to fly 5 different types and 2 variants of a type, no problem. Some agencies like governments restricts how many, but in Canada unless you WORK for said government, it is all up to you.

I know a couple guys who fly for PHI Airmedical (just trained with two as a matter of fact) and they fly either just 1 type or are assigned to 1 type and as reserve on a second type.

I don't know if that answers what you are after,, but it is what I know...

The differences in any bell singles, like a bell 204, 205, 206 etc is mostly just size and perhaps 1 or 2 additional systems. the 407 becomes different because of FADEC etc. 

the 205 and 212 are also virtual brothers/sisters, in they fly the same, but they  have different systems.

I you are jumping from a Ec-135 to a Schweizer 300, there may be some differences...




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