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Engineer pay


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That is about as broad a question as you can get...

Years working?


In the city or in the sticks?

Camp rotation or Mon-Fri?

Contract or employee?

Lights? Mediums? Heavies?

West coast or east coast or northern?

One machine to yourself or three? Crew chief of 3 other guys or just you?

Too many variables.

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81K seems a bit high even. Most guys with that kinda gig would be 70-75 I would bet. 70k and 10k in flight pay maybe? Sounds close I guess.

Not gonna see much more than that without touring. It is a strange business that we are in though.  If you do tours (and therefor work less hours usually) taking care of one or two machines you seem to get paid more than the guy who is at a base working every day of the year (my gig is almost the same as yours) and taking care of 3+ machines. "Your reward is being at home" they say. Yes... But not having any days off for most of Jun-Sep while you hear of the guys getting two weeks off a couple times a summer touring sounds good.


Anyways I digress. 81k? 5 years in? Lights on a base? Sounds about right.

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Yup sounds about right Helikenny. 5 more years of experience and doing 6-12 weeks away each year and and 90-100 sounds reasonable.

What do you mean by the 300-400 hrs OT? As in 300-400 hrs including the whole crew? 300 for one guy would be out of control for one year.

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On 2018-03-08 at 7:33 AM, helikenny said:

We're knocking on 90k-100K most years (with 300-400 hrs OT being cashed out).

75% hangar work M-F. with occasional weekend work. 

6-12 weeks away each year.

Most employees are 10+ yrs experiance, 



Although relevant info, I'm sure OP would want to know that this position is government and therefore not typical of everywhere else in the industry. 


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